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3 Possible Health Problems of Unfixed Pipe Leaks

3 Possible Health Problems of Unfixed Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks happen when property owners don’t expect them. Oftentimes, these cannot be detected at the onset and therefore, are left unnoticed for some time, even by plumbers bathroom renovations tradesmen.

When this happens, a property could be at risk of getting damaged but what’s more troubling is that health problems also occur when leaking pipes are not fixed on time. If the leaks become severe, there’s no other option but to call a professional plumber.

But here’s the truth. According to experts, it’s not the leak per se that causes problems to one’s health but rather it’s the growth of moulds, mildew and fungi that makes people sick. Here are the health problems that may possibly arise when pipes stay leaking for a period of time.

3 Possible Health Problems Due to Leaking Pipes

  1. Upper and Lower Respiratory Problems

These could be due to infection that may result in frequent runny nose, coughing and/or sneezing, accompanied by fever, reddening of the eyes and sinus congestion. When a person’s lungs get infected or irritated, breathing can become difficult.

  1. Severe Allergies

An infected person may develop skin rashes or red spots on the skin and likewise suffer from cough, fever and colds. In severe allergic cases, a victim can have difficulty breathing.

  1. Gastrointestinal Distress

When someone ingests infected water even coming from a well-looking faucet, he can get stomach upset, diarrhoea and other forms of stomach ailments.

 How Does One Get Sick?

The favourite habitat of moulds, mildew and fungi are moisture-rich places where they could develop far and wide within your home without your knowledge. Even the smallest leak can put your property and life at risk when pipes are left unfixed.

Remember that when a pipe leaks, water gathers and that’s when mildew, fungi and mould start to grow. The problem is even more serious if the effect of leaks is hidden like there’s water trapped within your walls or under the sink because where there’s water, there will always be fungi, mildew and moulds thriving.  The same is true for moist and poorly-lit or dark areas in the house where their growth can be unnoticed.

Harmful spores from the mould and fungi fill the air hence, they can easily move from one place to another. When people breathe in the spores, they can get fungi- and mould-related issues. If one has a pre-existing condition like asthma, the problem can worsen. Further, when the spores come directly into contact with the skin, allergies set in. That said, an early detection of pipe leaks is very crucial.

What you can do is find out where the moisture is located since it means there’s a leak around the area. As it gets dry, the mould and all toxic spores cannot survive. If their growth becomes intolerable, call a plumbing team expert in removing moulds and mildew.

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