3 Expert Tips from an Emergency Plumbing Professional

3 Expert Tips from an Emergency Plumbing Professional

March 16, 2022 Off By Deanna Coleman

No homeowner in Croydon likes dealing with plumbing issues, but even those would be preferable compared to having a plumbing emergency on one’s hands. With minor plumbing problems, you can usually fix them yourself with a little DIY knowledge and the right tools. At worst, you’ll need a professional’s help to make any repairs or replacements. With an emergency, though, there is no DIY option, and you need to act quickly or else you’ll end up having to deal with water damage on top of everything else.

That said, here are some extremely helpful tips to remember so you can help keep the worst from happening during a plumbing crisis and – hopefully – limit any damage done to your property.

Turn the Water Off

Once you notice there’s something wrong with your plumbing system, such as a really fast leak, or a pipe that’s practically burst, it’s crucial that you stop water from making its way to that part of your system. Sometimes this will mean shutting off the main water valve, which is usually found near the boundary line of your property. Other times, you just have to turn off the water leading to that specific area.

While turning the water off won’t immediately fix the problem, it will at least eliminate flooding, especially if it will take some time for the emergency plumber to arrive at your location.

Shut Off Power to Appliances

If your emergency involves one or more electrical appliances, turning off power to those is just as important as keeping water from the area. Know where your breaker box is, and identify which switches affect what areas of your home. Depending on how severe the plumbing issue is, ensuring that affected appliances won’t turn on is crucial for accident prevention. After all, you don’t want to cause your plumber to suffer an electric shock!

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Open Drains and Faucets

You don’t know how much water may still be sitting in your pipes after you shut off the water supply, so one way to keep all that liquid from making the emergency worse is to open faucets away from the problem area. This will divert water from the affected part of your plumbing system and safely drain said water away. Doing this will ensure that you don’t accidentally damage your home while also removing extra water from the pipes.

If there’s a clog that’s affecting how well the water drains, you can take a plunger and gently try to break up the clog. You don’t want to add to the emergency your plumber of choice has to deal with.

Above all, however, remember not to panic. When you panic, you lose focus, and you could forget what you need to do first when dealing with an emergency. So take a few deep breaths, identify the problematic areas, do any or all of the above to keep things from escalating, and call your emergency plumber. If you’re not sure how to reach one or need help finding a contractor for emergency plumbing in Croydon, you can try visiting this page for more info.