HSC and the Advantages of HSC tutoring: A Guide

HSC and the Advantages of HSC tutoring: A Guide

May 9, 2022 Off By Deanna Coleman

High School Certificate or HSC is awarded to secondary school students in the years 11 and 12 after successfully completing senior high school in some parts of Australia and New South Wales. It serves as a ticket for high school students to enter the universities. Meanwhile, HSC was introduced in 1967 and is currently developed by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

There are many courses and subject areas for students to study. And if you want to excel and grasp all the concepts, it is a must to take HSC tutoring. This way, you can ensure that it will increase your overall performance. So read on to know the eligibility criteria for the HSC award and the advantages of tutoring.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Attain the HSC Award?

A student can be eligible and attain the HSC award if the requirements are satisfied in at least ten units of HSC levels and twelve preliminary units. Some additional requirements include six units of Board-developed courses, two English units, not over seven Science units, and completing four subjects along with three courses of two or greater value units. So, after completing the course, feedback is provided in the form of school assessments and exam results. And if senior school students achieve results of more than 90 in ten units, the New South Wales government ensures to award them with the Premier’s Award.

What Are the Benefits of HSC Tuition?

Without the HSC award, students will have difficulty moving up to universities. Hence, tutoring can strengthen their standing in academics. Well, there are more advantages of HSC tutoring, which you can read in this article.

1. Flexible Scheduling System

One of the advantages of registering for tutoring for HSC is the flexible system. Your lessons will be scheduled in your free time by the tutor. After all, many senior school students have a busy life because they have to juggle several tasks, homework, and prepare for the exams. Meanwhile, it can be challenging for many students, but they must complete their tasks and studies with ease. So the learning centres make sure they provide their flexible learning services without adding more burden on the students.

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2. Effective Methodologies for Learning

Some concepts can be challenging to grasp. Hence, every student requires a new learning technique. So the learning centres allow them to embrace such techniques, which include Socratic dialogue, helpful feedback, explicit teaching, and higher expectation.

  • Socratic dialogue: In the Socratic dialogue technique, students question the teachers about the various concepts, creating an interactive teaching mode. It helps them to engage, learn and think. Most of all, they can develop logical reasoning and analytical abilities.
  • Helpful feedback: Feedback is essential for all students. Hence, tutors provide detailed feedback to help improve the students’ skills.
  • Explicit teaching: Some concepts can be baffling for students, and the tutors make sure to provide more clarity in understanding them.
  • Higher expectation: Many tutors discuss the expectations of clearing the HSC exam and provide the students with the means to meet those expectations.

4. Personalised Service

Tuitions are a great way of attaining personalised services. As a result, it helps students learn better and overcome their shortcomings. They also understand the topics better with the tutors than at school. After all, the lessons are tailored to the needs of the students. Meanwhile, the students must prepare for the exam by thoroughly understanding the concepts and taking down notes.

In Australia, some tutors prefer teaching students of grade 10 to develop their necessary skills before moving up, whereas some prefer students of any level. And since tutors teach a limited number of students every week or day, it allows them to focus effectively on each student. And each week, all the students receive the appropriate amount of training and improve their performance.


Students must start looking for learning centres and stay up with the HSC syllabus. And before hiring the tutors, make sure to check their cost and services. Moreover, it is recommended to look for faculty qualifications, student reviews, study materials, and learning methodologies.