Soundbars For A Spectacular Entertainment Experience!

Soundbars For A Spectacular Entertainment Experience!

May 25, 2022 Off By Deanna Coleman

We all love to have parties, listen to music and sometimes relax with music playing around. But, there’s always an issue pertaining to the sound quality or volume levels. Playing music just on the TV might give you low volume levels or sometimes disturbance and noise as well.

Here at Lastman’s Bad Boy, we have a mesmerizing product to fulfill your need.

Do you want to know, What’s that?

Well, that’s a pretty-pretty soundbar that can elevate your space and provide you with the thrilling entertainment you need!

Discover the jaw-dropping LG soundbars and bring them home to have some fun!

The LG Sound Bars are the audio systems that combine multiple speakers in a single unit and allow the sound to distribute uniformly around the space. You can look at the fantastic soundbars as we present a narrowed-down collection ideal for you and your home or any other place you want to keep the soundbar.

We have covered you for all your entertainment needs and exhibit the top quality at the most economical prices that suit every pocket!

Let’s Have A Glance At The Specifications Of These LG Sound Bars-

The LG 2.1 ch 300W Sound Bar SN4-

How to Choose a Soundbar SystemB&H eXplora

  • You get this LG soundbar model with high convenience features like the TV remote capability, audio volume leveler (app), dynamic range control (app), firmware over the air (FOTA), and smartphone remote (android app) etc.
  • It has all the sound modes that match your needs, such as Adaptive sound control, bass blast, DTS virtual: X, standard and bass blast+.
  • You can set the favourable audio format; it supports LPCM, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby digital, OGG-USB, MP3 USB, FLAC-USB, WAV USB and WMA-USB.
  • It is 2 front speakers 50W each and 1 wireless Subwoofer 200W.
  • You get enhanced connectivity options like a wireless-active subwoofer, LG TV sound sync (Bluetooth and optical), optical input, HDI 1.4 (HDCP 1.4) In/Out, Bluetooth 4.0, and USB connectivity.
  • You get additional accessories like remote control, batteries, a wall mount bracket and an optical cable.

LG 2.1 ch 100W Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer SP2

  • The convenience features are a little different in this model. You get a TV remote capability, audio volume leveler app, Dynamic range control app, Firmware over-the-air, smartphone remote app for both android and iOS, HDMI audio return channel, HDMI SIMPLINK and display type as LCD (5 char.)
  • 2 sound modes AI Sound Pro and standard mode.
  • It supports the LPCM, USB, AAC, and Dolby Digital audio formats.
  • It has two front speakers, each of 35W.
  • It offers Bluetooth, LG TV Sound Sync, USB, LG TV Sound Sync, optical input, HDMI, HDMI (HDCP 1.4) In/Out connectivity features.
  • You get the remote control, optical cable, batteries and a wall mount bracket as a part of the included accessories set.

Get the exclusive Sound Bars attached to the TV and make it sound like a home theatre. You can enjoy the music’s full potential and use it for better sound output and quality. Shop them today and avail yourself of the maximum advantage of the lowest prices in Canada.